LOCATION China Baptist Publication Building 1st Floor (facing HongKong Rd.) , No.209 Yuan Ming Yuan Road

Category Retail

OPEN HOURS 10:00-21:00


→ Those who resonates with BROMPTON,

Help your self with your favorite items at BROSHOP, create your own customized Brompton, and discover more engaging experience.

→ Those who are obsessed with BROMPTON's cycling

Find your best cycling partners here, tell them your city ride stories, and share the happiness of biking. 


Skilled craftmanship

In 1975, the first BROMPTON fold was made by Andrew Ritchie in London. Today, all Brompton bike frames are still built by hand, and each craftsperson has a signature style which is as unique as handwriting.

About the fold

The Brompton 3-part fold transforms the bike into a small locked package —in under 20-seconds. This ensures the free transform from outdoors to indoors. Brompton elevates your biking experience in both circumstances: around-the-world tours and smile-inducing commutes.

Customized experience

We provide you the unique BROMPTON based on your requirements and usage while ensuring a comfortable experience. Buyers could choose their own bike parts and accessories.


ROCKBUND, the origin and heart of the Bund with many history, is located at the intersection of Suzhou River and Huangpu River. Here at ROCKBUND, we could experience the combination of heritage architecture and innovative stores. This is the place where classics meets the trends.

Broshop is located on the 1st floor of China Baptist Publication Building. Its location is unique and special, becoming one of the favorite must-been places of Brompton fans. Inside the Broshop, every single details in the room draws your attention: the mirror ceiling, the fold window, and the indoor wooden decoration.

Outside the Broshop, you could see the stunning view of ROCKBUND, inside the Broshop, you could touch the exquisite bikes made by us.

What’s happening here?

The BROMPTON fold is not only a bike, but also a topic, a symbol and a social lifestyle. We are not only a bike store, but also a cycling club and biking living room.

The Biking Living room

We welcome our customer all around the world to come and meet each other. It only takes a cup of coffee to start our conversation: let it be the color of the bike or the biking outfit of the day. Our service include: parking, car-checking and car-fixing.

The Cycling Space

Buyers could find the BROMPTON series and other parts & accessories at Broshop. After choosing an ideal product, professional craftsperson would build the customized hand-made item.